An Honest Pakistani Taxi Driver Returns £10,000 to His Customer
 April 8, 2015
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Forgetting our precious belongings in a taxi is a nightmare. Be it a favorite pen, a tattered old bag or a valuable phone, it is most frustrating to lose things while traveling. Few days back, something similar happened to Adrian Quinn. Quinn, a sole proprietor, hailed a cab driven by a 55 year old Pakistani man named Mohammed Nisar.

Nisar drove Quinn to the Walsall train station in the West Midlands. In a rush, Quinn got out of the taxi forgetting his bag in the car. Quinn realized that he had left his bag minutes after he was dropped off. Shocked and panicked, he tried to find the taxi, but it was too late. It was nowhere to be seen.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the bag contained £10,000 UK Pounds! After the death of his mother, Quinn received the handsome amount of money as his inheritance. He had recently cashed the check and was taking the money back home. According to Quinn, ‘Losing that money would have been the end of my business. I was physically sick!’ For nine years, Quinn has worked as a sole trader. He built up his business from scratch and it is his sole income. He said, ‘ We don’t have the backing of banks. It is hard work, but it earns us a living.”

Quinn finally caught another taxi to drive him back to the taxicab stand. On his arrival, Quinn was relieved to find Nisar sitting in his taxi with his bag safely on the passenger seat. Quinn asked Nisar, “Do you know what in that bag? Put it this way, it is not a box of sandwiches or a newspaper. There is £10,000 in there.”

As a token of appreciation, Quinn gave Nisar a cash prize with a message that read, ‘To my best friend in the world.’ Quinn also invited Nisar to his home for a family dinner.

When asked about the event, Nisar commented, ‘He nearly had a heart attack and he was really worried. He came up to me and asked if I realized what was in the bag. He was very, very thankful. He had just bought a car but forgot the bag full of money.’

Nisar has been working as a self-employed taxi driver for 15 years. He occasionally finds things at the backseat of his car. About two years ago, a man forgot his wallet in his taxi. Nisar immediately drove back to the man’s house to return the wallet that contained £ 150. He has a great message for other taxi drivers, ‘at the end of the day honesty is the best policy. There are some drivers who don’t return things but what is the point? If the council had not have called me and no-one had have claimed it after 12 or 24 hours I would have taken that bag straight to the police station. My message is to encourage all my taxi driving brothers that if they find something valuable just give it back.’

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