Ferrari Test Driver Hits The Track With F40, F50, Enzo And LaFerrari
 May 7, 2015
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You don’t often see four of the most iconic hyper-Ferraris charging up and down the racetrack.Ferrari gathered these Rosso Corsa marvels to celebrate Dario Benuzzi’s test driving career. He’s been tackling prancing horses on the track since 1969 and as a chief test driver he was responsible for developing Maranello’s finest. 288 GTO, 246 Dino, FXX, Enzo and LaFerrari are just some of the cars that went through Dario’s testing program.

So, as a big thank you to the 69-year-old test driver, Ferrari organized a special reunion with the crème de la crème of its automobiles that continuously raised the industry’s bar for the last 26 years. 

First up was the twin turbocharged F40 with its screaming V8. This car gives a new meaning to the term lightweight. It’s stripped almost to the bone, discarding any ounce of surplus weight just to keep its bulimic shape. The paint is so thin that you can see the pattern of its carbon fiber elements. It doesn't have any door handles in the interior, just a rope that allows you to open the door. 

The F50 follows next with its quirky looks, but with the soundtrack of apocalypse. This is what a V12 mounted directly to your spine feels like. I think it’s one of the most underrated supercars of all time. Nobody liked it in its prime, but maybe because it was as hardcore as a car can get. Its sleek low stance resembles an attacking predator, but that’s actually what the raw experience of a V12 Formula 1 car translates to. 

Enzo, the modern age of Ferrari; it was so good that officials named it after the company’s founder. The car was, at one point, the most advanced piece of road-going technology on the planet. Enough said. 

You could call LaFerrari a car, but it’s actually a machine. High-end technology and precise mechanics merge into one vehicle, thus making the LaFerrari digital and analogue at the same time. Its lightning fast, like the electricity produced by the hybrid system within its bowels.

Each car has its meaning. Enjoy the video! 

News Source: Carscoops

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