July 26, 2015
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Among the world's most conspicuous and most famous car brands, Ferrari has a renowned and fruitful legacy in racing and in addition creating the most attractive automobiles on the planet. Ferrari 488 GTB is considered to be the replacement of Ferrari italia but there are 85% changes in this new model. The most striking feature of the car is its 3.9 litre V8 turbocharged engine. The new motor is turbocharged in light of the fact that it's compact, well developed and more effective. And most importantly, all the more capable. The drive of Ferrari 488 GTB is unmatchable and is considered to be even better than Ferrari 458 which remained on the top list for about 5 years. The response of the engine is outstanding, the lag is close to non-existent and the mid range is stronger than 458.

It was expected that the change to turbo force would bring down the 488 GTB, leaving the 458 Italia speaking to both the benchmark and the end of a period. The truth is truly diverse: the new 3.9-liter V8's execution, reaction and sound make it an exceedingly captivating motor, one that matches extraordinarily well with the 488 GTB's greatly lively design – one can at present personally sense the limit between stability and control, and rapidly feel good taking the ride. This is not an automobile that scares, in spite of its colossal force and torque. Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is, the 488 GTB lives up to expectations extremely well especially when one drives it carefully by not testing its limits. It's still an extremely safe and reliable car when driven well maintaining it under its limit, and joins that intuitiveness with high level of reliability and comfort. The only drawback is the sports seats that are a little stiff, firm and unsupportive. This is an automobile that could've turned out into a really bad disaster; rather, it feels really energizing to know that Ferrari has hit the nail on the head.

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