Honda City To Get Facelift In India In October
 March 8, 2016
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Pakistan has skipped over the current (sixth) generation of Honda City that is going on in the world and has entered in its 3rd year of the product lifecycle out of the total six years that Honda usually makes the model of City run. That means that the company is planning for Honda City’s mid-cycle facelift to come out and serve the remainder of three years until a new model comes out in 2019.

The third generation of Honda City ran from 1996-2002, the fourth generation Honda City ran from 2002-2008, and the fifth-generation ran from 2007–2013 though the fifth generation has continued in Pakistan from 2008-to-date.

Though we have sufficient historical analysis to identify the Honda City facelift will come this year, the report in Economic Times though says that it will come in India during the festive season of Diwali, which is October.

Honda Cars India had released the Honda City 2016 with a new black interior and a body kit known as Honda City VX to compete with Maruti Ciaz, but the facelift that is reported for October will have much more than just interior changes. It will feature some changes to exterior styling, and tech (features) upgrade to make it relevant for next three years until a new generation of the Honda City arrives.


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