Indus Motors Launches Toyota Prius Facelift in Pakistan
 March 4, 2017
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Let’s start off with one of the biggest reveals in the recent upward growth of our local automotive industry. Confused? Well, IMC has recently and quietly updated the outdated Prius it was selling in Pakistan. With this newer model, the company is hoping to go all out against the privately imported hybrids in Pakistan. This newer model has been introduced with the (ex-factory) price tag of 4,499,000.
In terms of specifications, since this car is essentially a CBU so the features and -standard- onboard equipment are pretty much off international standards. Nonetheless, the company is offering this car in its standard color options.


6 airbags, anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability assist, a standard reversing camera with heightened awareness, disc brakes, crash safety body and Toyota’s award winning Hybrid Synergy Drive, this newer model of Prius is better and more performance oriented than any other of its variant while delivering improved economy.

And we find the same story inside. Prius comes with a full keyless entry and engine ignition mechanism to sustain the driver friendly idea, it features modern drive mode switch for normal, eco, EV and power modes. The addition of smart aircon and Toyota touch on the center console makes it an all-around package full of contemporary cabin amenities.








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