Manual Ferrari 599 For Sale – This One’s Cheaper…
 May 30, 2015
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Aston Martin is the last automaker to let you row your own and still get a V12 under the bonnet. However, you can get a used Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with a manual, like this one, and that’s far more enticing, I think.

The car you see advertised for sale below is a 2007 model, one of 29 manuals made, with 34,212 km on the clock, or just over 20,000 miles. As far as optional extras go, well, the only one mentioned in the ad are the ceramic brakes.

According to the ad, of the total production run, only 10 units actually made it to Europe, the rest going to the US and other major markets.

This is quite a treat, and at least it’s cheaper than the last one that cropped up for sale. That went for $682,000 or €645,00, whereas this is advertised for a much more reasonable €450,000.


News Source: Carscoops

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