Most cars are vulnerable to ‘hacking or privacy intrusions’ – report
 February 11, 2015
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A Senate-commissioned investigation details how an iPad can interfere with vehicle performance and be used to collect data such as driving history

Forget crowbars – all a hacker needs to break into your car is an iPad, according to a report released on Monday by Senator Edward Markey. What’s more, car companies are doing little to protect you.

Most cars now contain more than 50 separate electronic control units collecting vehicle data and improving performance; nearly all have wireless entry points that could act as a gateway for hackers. Almost all the cars on the market today are therefore vulnerable to “hacking or privacy intrusions”, Markey said.

The Massachusetts senator’s investigation of 50 top car manufacturers including BMW, Chrysler, General Motors and Ford found their treatment and protection of such potentially sensitive technology and information to be “alarmingly inconsistent and incomplete”.

According to Markey, nearly 100% of cars on the market include wireless technologies that could pose vulnerabilities to hacking or privacy intrusions, while most automobile manufacturers are unaware of or unable to report on past hacking incidents.

The senator also said security measures to prevent remote access to vehicle electronics are inconsistent and haphazard across all automobile manufacturers, and manufacturers are collecting large amounts of data on driving history and vehicle performance and distributing it to third parties, giving little information on how the data is used, how it is stored or for how long.

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