Russian Footballer Crashes Nissan GT-R Into Pole At 105mph Or 170km/h And Walks Away!
 May 8, 2015
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Watching the video and the aftermath of this accident, would make you say there's no way someone made it out alive, yet Russian player Andrey Yeshchenko somehow walked away virtually unscathed.

The 31-year old soccer (football) player who was included in Russia's squad for the 2014 World Cup and who is currently playing as a defender for Kuban Krasnodar, was captured by a traffic camera driving his Nissan GT-R straight into a cement pole at a reported speed of 170km/h or about 105mph. 

Yet, if you pay attention to the footage at the 13-second mark, you'll see him getting out of the car!

Even more surprising is the fact that Yeshchenko escaped unharmed. According to Russia's LifeNews, eyewitnesses said, "The player was driving drunk". 

News Source : Carscoops

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