Toyota Reportedly Launching “Baby Coupe” By 2018
 June 14, 2015
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According to Australian source the model will cost around $20,000 AUD.

Performance- and specs-wise, it will be a rear-wheel driven machine, with a ~130 hp 1.5-liter engine pushing 980 kg / 2,160 lbs. Gearbox options will be either a six-speed manual or an automatic with just as many gears.

The source quotes an unnamed insider as saying “designers have a final prototype that could very well go into production as is," adding that “the new coupe’s exterior look was inspired by the Toyota Sports 800 of 1965, but reinterpreted for the 21st Century.”

This means it will have more rounded headlights and a more retro-like attitude to styling than the GT86. Picture it as a smaller version of this.

Finally, it is said that the model will (theoretically) be able to accommodate four people inside. However, as those who’ve been in a GT86 know, they are really just symbolic, so we imagine that in the smaller package that will be even more obvious.

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