Cars of Nation’s Mother Fatima Jinnah are Going to Be Restored
 September 5, 2016
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A nation that does not take care of its cultural heritage, vanishes in the dark gloom of history; heritage is what that defines a nation.

A few months ago, I heard that the cars of our nation’s mother Fatimah Jinnah were in ruin. I couldn’t help myself, but felt bad for their impending fate. But, at last, a guy Ikram took charge as a consultant to change and overhaul the cars. It was not quite easy at first, as the Government was not eager to help in this issue.


Now Mr. Ikram with his team, is doing over-hauling of the cars, which will take almost a year and a half. The cars, which Fatimah Jinnah left were a golden 1955 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible and a white 1965 Mercedes Benz 200. Ikram and his team are highly motivated to bring these cars back to life; they will be doing complete overhauling process in the museum so that any further damage could be avoided.

But before giving any restoration to the cars, Mohsin Ikram, founder and president of the Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan and Motorheads Pakistan said, “We need to fix this garage first and make it into a full workshop, so that all the things go in a smooth and systematic way.” After repairing and overhauling; both the cars will be displayed at Quaid-e-Azam House Museum so that their previous grandeur should be reinstated just like at the time of Fatima Jinnah.

The bid amount of restoration and other expenditures was 23 million Pakistani rupees. But after tax deductions, the amount comes down to 15 million rupees.

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