Model Cultus VXRi 2012
Model Cultus VXRi 2012
Written By: Muhammad Yousaf Khan
Selling Price: Rs. 9,00,000
Date Reviewed: 27 January 2017
Fuel Economy:
Value for money
I bought 2012 Model Cultus VXRi two years ago. I heard that cultus sometimes picks heat in the hot weather and as it goes over 120KM/H, It’s drive is dangerous. May be some of you don’t believe me. I got a good mileage of 17-19KM/L. It can give you 23-27KM/L on highway. But for such mileage you have to take care of your car. Here are the few things that I’m gonna mention that you have to take cafre of;

1: Clean Fuel Filter
2: Fresh Air Filter
3: EFI Unit
4: Accurate Clutch Setting
5: Air Sensor
6: Temperature Sensor
7: Tyre Pressure

Finally I’ll say that if you want to enjoy the fast and smooth drive, you should buy this.

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