Suzuki Fx an amazing gift for antique lovers
Suzuki Fx an amazing gift for antique lovers
Written By: Tajammal
Selling Price: Rs. 1,80,000
Date Reviewed: 27 January 2017
Fuel Economy:
Value for money
Usually Suzuki Fx is seen in pathetic condition, but still some antique lovers like to have FX because of its extraordinary features. I’ve Suzuki FX 89 Model, i too have Toyota Corolla in my garage but as i mentioned before that i’m an antique-lover, i love to ride the 90s and 80s cars for the short-distance travels. I found this an awesome vehicle for this purpose. It’s not a flying horse but you can enjoy a bit slower and restful drive. If you also like to drive antique cars then i assure you that after driving FX you’re gonna fell in love with fx.

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